Cristina's exhibition at Harvard's Hutchins Center

July 12, 2019

Cristina Florea's project on the Romanian revolution of 1989 is currently on display as part of the "Footprints Across Time" exhibition at the History Design Studio (Hutchins Center for African and African American Research) at Harvard University. The revolution was the bloodiest uprising against communism in Eastern Europe. It resuscitated Romanian society and allowed the transition from communism to modern-day capitalism. Cristina was born in Timişoara, Romania and she experienced the revolution first hand as a child. Her display draws on her sharp and vivid memories from that time. It invites visitors on a trip back in time by combining historical photographs with their modern-day settings. It is also complemented by digital multimedia revealing the key events that led to the fall of one of the most brutal Communist regimes in history.

Cristina says that those days remind her that there is no more powerful force than people fighting for freedom, and the power of little sparks to turn the darkness into light and generate massive social and political transformation. Do visit the exhibition which is on display all summer at the Neil L. and Angelica Rudenstine Gallery (104 Mt. Auburn Street, 3R, Cambridge, MA), and hear more about the project at!